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Power Supplies



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Meanwell new models: ELG-75, ELG-100,

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Power supplies

DC/DC convertors and DC/AC Inverters

Electrónica Olfer imports the best power supplies on the market. Our extensive stock guarantees the shortest delivery times in Spain.

Our position as a leading company for the distribution of electronic components for industrial automation, lighting applications, railway, marine, aerospace and many other professional markets, has been firmly consolidated.

Our desire to make our providers leaders in their respective markets means that all aspects of our organization undergo continuous improvement. Via close collaboration with our customers and an anticipation of market needs, we are ready to offer you cutting-edge solutions in our sector.

Our provider strategy is based on close collaboration with worldwide manufacturers that are market leaders, thus allowing us to offer unique solutions, both in terms of products range and in terms of quality. We look to establish long-term relations with providers that offer innovative, cutting-edge solutions for our customers.

In response to the demand for new solutions and the continuous evolution of the energy market, we place a huge emphasis on our sales team and customer care, both for our products and for other lines, in order to provide you with a solution that you can trust.

Similarly, we have increased our efforts to offer you a rapid, efficient service that has helped us become market leaders, guaranteeing our customer portfolio and gaining new customers whose loyalty we win through our efforts to rapidly and efficiently respond to their needs.

Wide range of formats power supplies, converters and inverters:Enclosed, miniature, open, U braket, Din rail, desktop, wall mount, PCB, IP67 waterproof, 19” Rack, Din H15,…

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+ Mean Well (Power supplies, DC/DC converters)
+ Puls (Power supplies and DIN rail converters)



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