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A wide range of formats and manufacturers. DIN Rail highly specialized. Different types and materials to fix to any LED application.

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Complete LED lighting: lamps, strips, Multiload, spotlights... Design specifically for explosive environments. Case and encapsulated printed circuits. SIP, DIP and SMD formats-


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From 150W to 5000W. From 30W to 1000W. OnLine and interactive models.
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We have filters to combat all kinds of problems. Some models have a channel reset remotelly . From 0,3 to 50.000 VA.
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Sept, 2016 MATELEC 2016: From 25/10/2016 to 28/10/2016. International Trade Fair for the Electrical and Electronics Industry...More Info
Matelec Logo
July, 2016 KNX Power Supply to ensure a smooth operation in modern buildings
The demand for comfort and versatility in either residence or commercial building is growing fast in recent years.....More Info
Scheme 1
July, 2016 New dimmer DLD1248-1CV from Dalcnet
DLD1248-1CV is a new professional single-channel for Din-rail installation. It has got an extended range of working temperature from -40° to +60°.
Different analogical commands available : n.o. push-button, 0-10V, 1-10V, potentiometer.....More Info
July, 2016 DIN Rail new power supply: PIC241.241D
PULS’ successful product family, PIANO, provides quality and reliability at a high-end level for an extraordinary price-performance ratio.
A new 24V, 10A DIN rail power supply (PIC240.241D)...More Info
PIANO series
June, 2016 Meanwell´s KNX power supply: KNX-20E
Meanwell launches its first power supply with KNX protocol, DIN rail and 20W power: KNX-20E.
The power supply with 640mA is intended for use in KNX installations of smart homes and buildings....More Info
June, 2016 New 1-2W Medical DC/DC Converter G/H Series
Mornsun recently released new 1W/2W DC/DC Converter G/H series targeting medical, which meet 3th medical standard EN60601-1 and ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 (1xMOPP/2xMOOP)....More Info
June, 2016 Record DIN-rail power supply CP10 now available with 36V and 48V Outputs
New 240W CP10 models with output voltages of 36V (CP10.361) and 48V (CP10.481) available. ...More Info
May, 2016 320W Constant Current & High Voltage output LED driver with PFC
MEAN WELL HLG-C family is the most outstanding models of constant current and high voltage output LED drivers in the LED lighting industry. There have been the 70W (HLG-60H-C) / 90W (HLG-80H-C) / 150W (HLG-120H-C) / 200W (HLG-185H-C) / 250W (HLG-240H-C) series introduced to the market...More Info
DALCNET launch a new single-channel device for controlling white lights with a BLUETOOTH interface: DLB-1248.
Available with the BLUEDIMMER.COM app that can be downloaded from Applestore
or Android Market...More Info
May, 2016 Uninterruptible Power Supplies in Banking and Finance Sectors
Many companies are unprepared for business disruptions caused by power blackouts and are often unaware of the actual costs and impact that they can have on their operations...More Info
March, 2016 ELG-75 Series (75W C.V.+C.C. Output/ C.C. Output LED Power Supply with PFC)
Since the 100W/150W LED power supply with PFC—ELG-100/ELG-150 series (C.V.+C.C. output) and the ELG-100-C/ELG-150-C series (C.C. output) were released to the market, MEAN WELL has received extraordinarily positive responses from LED lighting market.....More Info
March, 2016 LED dimmer: Dalcnet new 4 channel Booster 
DALCNET MULTICHANNEL BOOSTER, DLA1224-4CV, is a 4-channel device that allows to drive a LED load (White, Tunable White, RGB or RGBW) in constant voltage by amplification of D-PWM signal. Supply voltage range is from 12V DC to 24V DC. Output is in voltage (CV).....More Info
March, 2016 R3 DC/DC converter for power supply & environment centralize supervision system
PECS(Power-Supply & Environment Centralize Supervision System) have a centralized monitoring for power devices in machinery rooms and variations of environment. And environment online monitoring system...More Info
Jan, 2016 45W/65W Miniature Green Open Frame Type Industrial Power Supply
In order to meet the miniaturization and energy saving demands for related end electronic products from the industrial and control market, MEAN WELL is pleased to unveil the 45W/65W ~EPS-45S/65S series with merely 3” x 2” PCB board size after the same 45W/65W EPS-45/65 series (4” x 2”) were....More Info
Jan, 2016 Non-isolated DC-DC Switching Regulator K78-R3
K78xx-500R3 switching regulators series from Mornsun are highly efficient and ideal substitutes for LM78xx three-pin linear regulators. The product offers high efficiency, low loss, protection against short circuit and reverse polarity and requires no heatsink. They are widely used in industrial control,....More Info
Jan, 2016 MechaTronix expands LED high bay cooler program
Five months ago MechaTronix announced their first off-the-shelf high bay LED cooler for designs up to 10.000 lumen with the ModuLED Mega LED heat sink design. Now a second platform of standard LED coolers launches for high bay and industrial LED designs up to 15.000 lumen.....More Info
ModuLed GIGA
Nov, 2015 HLG-240H-C - 250 W constat current and high voltage output
Mean Well HLG-C family, one of the most outstanding models of constant current and high voltage output LED power supply in the LED lighting industry, has launched HLG-60H-C(70W)/HLG-80H-C(90W)/HLG-120H-C(150W)/HLG-185H-C(200W) series into the market....More Info
Nov, 2015 Mornsun - LD05-20BxxMU Series 5W AC/DC Converters with UL60601/EN60601 Medical Certification (3rd Edition)
MORNSUN released new series of 5W AC/DC converters LD05-20BxxMU (UL60601/EN60601 Medical Certification 3rd Edition). The converters feature compact DIP package of 53.80*28.80*19.00 mm, offer the input voltage range of 85~264VAC( 100~370VDC), the standard output voltage 5VDC, 12VDC, 15VDC, 24VDC, and the operating temperature of -25°C~+70°C...More Info
Nov, 2015 ELG-100 Series. 100W constant voltage and constant current output. LED Power Supply with PFC
The recently announced ELG family of MEAN WELL is one LED power supply model with optimal price-performance ratio that its supreme cost competitiveness advantage is well ready to cope with the intense pricing competition of LED luminaire market. The first introduced model, the 150W ELG-150 series...More Info
Oct, 2015 ModuLED Mega-HBG: High Bay LED Cooler ø134mm with driver connection system
The ModuLED Mega HBG modular passive LED coolers are specifically designed for Low Bay, Mid Bay and High Bay luminaries with the driver mounted on the LED cooler.Cooling performance 4,000 to 10,000 lumen. Thermal resistance range Rth 0.67 - 0.88°C/W. Modular design with mounting holes...More Info
Oct, 2015 PLM-40E Series - 40W PFC Economical Constant Current Mode LED Power Supply
Meanwell PLM-40 power supply series has received outstanding ratings after released to the market. In order to provide the better pricing-competitive power supplies for where only 230VAC input is operated, adopting the idea from PLM-12E/25E, Mean Well is pleased to unveil PLM-40E series now, which...More Info
Oct, 2015 Mornsun - Transceiver Module CAN/RS485/RS232
Traditional Design: Transceiver+isolation chip / optocoupler+isolated power.
Mornsun Solution: Mornsun CAN, RS485 y RS232transceiver modules integrate transceiver, isolation chip and high efficient DC/DC isolated power in one module. The modules can be used for inter-communications between devices...More Info
Oct, 2015 GST18/25/36W-18~36W Green Adaptor (Level VI)
Meanwell is unveiling GST18/25/36 series. the new 18W/25W/36W small wattage green adaptor(Level VI). Along with the GST40A / 60A / 90A / 120A / 160A / 220A / 280A (40~280W), Mean Well has already constructed a new generation of complete green adaptor product line from 18 to 280W, which complies with the up-to-date energy efficiency regulations(EISA 2007/DoE Level VI)...More Info
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