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SUNRICHER: Radio-frecuency systems monochrome

Emitter and receivers

SR-2801 and SR-25xx series are equipment for radio frequency lighting control monochrome.
Radio frequency system allows us to make installations quick, easy and economical to control the level of brightness of different areas. This Sunricher´s system can control up 5 lights independently. This doesn´t mean that we can control only 5 points, but 5 zones. If within a zone need several light spots can controlled simultaneously by simply assigning the same number of area to all light points of the zone.
We usually reach more than 20 meters. We must consider that if solid elements, especially concrete walls, the operating range may be reduced.
Another advantage is the easy configuration of the system and its versatility. With our wide range of receptors can control both LED strips 12 or 24Vdc as points of light working in constant current to 350 or 700mA. Simply press the learn button on the receiver and one button command area (emitter) to assign it.
Moreover, each receiver has 2 or 4 outputs (that share the same number of zone) which allows feed several strips or spots of light at a time.
Typical installation consist in one controller SR-2801 and one or multiple receivers SR-25xx series.
We must remember that each receiver must be supplied with a power supply constant voltage 12 or 24 VDC depending on the operating voltage of our LED strips or a higher voltage in the range supported by our LEDs, if they work in constant current .

SR-2801 controller can control up to 5 zones independently with normal range exceeding 20 meters.


Features SR-2801 controller:

  • Remote radio frequency control.
  • Controls 5 zones independently
  • Easy on, off and dimming of each area.
  • Usual scope range exceeding 20 meters.
  • Battery included long-term, usually five years.
  • 256 brightness levels with logarithmic curve, adapted to the human eye.
  • Soft flicker dimming for greater viewing comfort.
  • Dimming range of 0.1% to 100%
  • Ability to use signal repeaters to extend the functionality limit.

Receptors SR-25xx series work in combination with the command SR-2801.
Receiving the radio frequency signal transmitted and decoded by generating a pulsed output. This PWM output allows control the light level and energy consumption of single color lighting system.
These receptors must be supplied with a constant voltage source 12 or 24Vdc (depending on output voltage that we need is 12 or 24Vdc respectively or 12 or 24Vdc constant current output if the output is constant current 350mA or 700mA). We use a quality power supply with low ripple and noise for the brightness control work. We recommend our series LPF, LPV or HLG of MEAN WELL Enterprise Co. LTD.


Features SR-25xx controller:

  • RF receivers.
  • Different models with 2 or 4 voltage outputs constant current. May mixing different receivers in the same installation.
  • Easy on, off and regulation brightness of each zone.
  • 256 brightness levels with curve logarithmic adapted to the human eye.
  • Soft flicker dimming for greater viewing comfort.
  • Dimming range from 0.1% to 100%
  • Ability to use signal repeaters to extend the functionality limit.
  • Multiple receivers can be used with the same area to control a larger number of points of light or LED strips.
  • Ultra-slim size for easy installation.
  • Easy configuration and programming.
  • Easy connection.
  • Working temperature range from -20 º C to +50 º C.
  • Maximum case temperature of 75 ° C.



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