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Product Revision Notice: Case Material Change of RS-100 Enclosed Type Power Supply

In order to become a comprehensive green enterprise, Meanwell continues to promote green power supplies and environmental protection in the material purchase, manufacturing process, and supply chains. In Meanwell’s enclosed type product line, some of the cases are made of nickel-plated SPCC (steel punched and plated with nickel). However, the current nickel plating process can’t meet the requirements of environmental protection because it will produce some sulfides and phosphides during the manufacturing process. Hence, Meanwell decides to gradually switch to SGCC (Hot-dip Galvanized Steel) instead of SPCC. SGCC is a standard product of general steel company and it won’t cause further environment pollution because of no additional plating process. In addition, after the salt-mist test, it proved that the corrosion resistance of SGCC is better than nickel-plated SPCC. The comparison table of cases made of SGCC and nickel-plated SPCC is as below:


  Case made of SGCC Case made of Nickel-Plated SPCC Photograph Comparison (The left is SGCC case and the right is nickel-plated SPCC case)
External View Silvery white, slight dim Yellowish, bright and shiny Comparison Case
Anti-rust Ability Better corrosion resistance Average corrosion resistance  


This material revision will only lead to minor appearance change, and all the electrical specifications are still the same. Meanwell expects to implement this change step by step and starts with RS-100 series which uses Case 901. If the customers could accept the new revision products, then the change will spread to the other products utilized the same case. For more details, please refer to the information as below:
  1. Revision production batch of RS-100 after: 2013.2.18
    Scope of the change: Top case of RS-100 series, both standard products and modified products.
  2. If the customers’ feedbacks are positive, since 2013.7.1, the revision will extend to all the products using Case 901, including S/D/ID/T-50, S/D/ID/T/IT/Q/IQ-60, NES-75/100, NED/NET-75, RD/RID/RT/RQ-85, HRP(G)-100/150, MSP-100, SCP-75, AD/ADS/ADD-55, and SD-50 series.
  3. If the customers’ feedbacks are positive, after 2014.3.31, the revision will gradually cover all the other models with case made of nickel-plated SPCC, including S-15/35/100/145, D/ID/T-30, S-25/40/100F/150/250, T-40, D/T/Q-120, Q-250, NES-15/25/35/50/150, NED/NET-35/50, NED-100, RS-15/25/35/50/75/150, RD-35, RD/RID/RT/RQ-50/65/125, SE-600, RPD/RPT-65-C, EPS-45/65-C, PID-250-C, ELP-75-C, RCP-1000/2000, SP-500/750, PSP-500/600/1000/1500, QP-375, HRP-75/200, HRPG-150/200, MSP-200, HSP-150, HDP-190/240, RSP-750/1000/2000, DR-75/120, DRP-240/480/480S, DRH-120, DRT-240/480/960, SDR-120/240/480/960, WDR-120/240/480, TDR-960, DR-RDN20/UPS40, PSC-60/100-C, AD/ADS/ADD-155, SCP-35/50, SDM30, and SD-15/25/100/150/1000 series.

If you have any application problem during the transition, please contact our local authorized distributors or your sales representative immediately. If there’s any change to the schedule, Olfer will announce in advance.

For any consultation, please do not hesitate to contact ELECTRONICA OLFER



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